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Nadgrobni spomenici uz pomoć našeg QR memorijala mogu opet postati tihi svjedoci ljudske prošlosti, ali sada uz jedan pozitivniji i vedriji pogled na uspomene, koje svaki posjetitelj može ponijeti sa sobom, na svom mobitelu.

Ovim putem sjećanje na preminulu osobu možete održati živim i trajnim, ne samo za sebe već i za buduće generacije

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We offer unique opportunities for families to create healing moments after loss.


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Over the years, it has expanded to include several chapels, a mortuary, crematory, three mausoleums, a collection of international and rare vegetation and statuary.

Many prominent San Diego residents are laid to rest here and many of the markers tell a fascinating story.


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Recent Obituaries

For those unfamiliar with Belle Benchley, for example, it might come as a surprise to stumble across a grave marker depicting the face of a gorilla.

Known as The Zoo Lady, Benchley was the director of the San Diego Zoo from 1927 to 1953.

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Santi is proud to offer green burials for those who are mindful of the environment. This unique option is the perfect way to leave behind an honorable legacy and a sustainable future for generations to come.

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